Portlandia S04E08

Season 04, Episode 08 – “Late in Life Drug Use” The mayor organizes a pride parade; Brendan and Michelle finally get around to sampling recreational drugs; the Punslingers christen some new businesses; Carrie’s brother visits with his new boyfriend; the police drop in on Toni and Candace; and Spyke and Iris dine at a bad […]

Motive S02E07

Season 02, Episode 07 – “Pitfall” Angie is forced to leave her father’s wedding to investigate a skydiving jump gone wrong and tries to regain Vega’s trust by sharing information about Sergeant Cross. http://allmyvideos.net/iwx0e6nv9mf7 http://vidbull.com/1en074m8vt9l.html http://vidspot.net/z0vyae0nnso6 http://vidto.me/v6voufbo4tdh.html http://vodlocker.com/9p2tm4vwbb4h http://vshare.eu/ivxamfi0n1mt.htm http://allmyvideos.net/4r375p3zl7gs http://vidbull.com/2w3esqv4en37.html http://vidspot.net/fmgy7y13x569 http://vidto.me/gaa4vow2zm3p.html http://vodlocker.com/s9lcip2wbyfa http://vshare.eu/kwns07osaswj.htm

Vikings S02E08

Season 02, Episode 08 – “Boneless” Princess Aslaug’s latest prophecy comes to fruition as she readies to give birth once more; Ragnar and Horik have very different ideas about the true purpose of their trip to Wessex. http://allmyvideos.net/z45xiu6018u0 http://vidbull.com/8h33yij6ffp2.html http://vidspot.net/h6mi0qofxgp6 http://vidto.me/wy3o821y0xqp.html http://vodlocker.com/w6addnioajd7 http://vshare.eu/yh1aravftz5e.htm http://allmyvideos.net/qbmyb8wxyze6 http://vidbull.com/1xqvz33nxrt4.html http://vidspot.net/h5uprndom9eg http://vidto.me/3gwsws53ozln.html http://vodlocker.com/v0cuc4cq6x6l http://vshare.eu/5bt8j27m35yr.htm

Scandal US S03E18

Season 03, Episode 18 – “The Price of Free and Fair Election” In the Season 3 finale, the arrival of Election Day means the candidates will do just about anything for votes. Meanwhile, Olivia tries to make sense of Maya’s motives; and Charlie makes a shocking move. http://allmyvideos.net/z9w4yn5ofxwn http://vidbull.com/b2nrqpvksk26.html http://vidspot.net/8cj1v0nhhr0o http://vidto.me/nll57kfctg9l.html http://vodlocker.com/v3cqg4nybku0 http://vshare.eu/kjh1av5ptfwo.htm http://allmyvideos.net/8hkvvjqo4e7p http://vidbull.com/3uh46tnbhgj5.html […]

Anger Management S02E57

Season 02, Episode 57 – “Charlie Catches Jordan in the Act” Charlie goes ballistic when a drunk Jordan makes out with a prisoner. http://allmyvideos.net/z3h2xjijlgip http://vidbull.com/sihgcxspb1nq.html http://vidspot.net/r6dps90c4izo http://vidto.me/bxrso3c6bedo.html http://vodlocker.com/mrp90k87rg7m http://vshare.eu/4ocd4wn8et30.htm http://allmyvideos.net/9nowgfkfzdo0 http://vidbull.com/nuax9grha9n3.html http://vidspot.net/72gtqdjgu1yg http://vidto.me/2n9ie2ag3lqq.html http://vodlocker.com/qf4usnjvlarx http://vshare.eu/e0jz4xm4l58c.htm

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